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The masses far and wide of the staple 'rice' justifies its reality on rice as their day by day diet. In India, rice has assumed a basic job of being the standard dinner and the most savored nourishment for countless networks for ages.

The 'Brilliant Ivy' of the South

Broadly called as "Bangaru Theegalu" in Telegu, which signifies "Brilliant Ivy", this acknowledged rice has a palette that has picked up a notoriety of being a grain as well as for being a finished supper.

A local of cross-development

Descendants of two variations, Sona and Masoori, it is high-yielding rice that is developed in the Indian areas of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana. It is an exceedingly prevalent and indispensable piece of the South Indian Cuisine.

The enhanced soils of the South have demonstrated to be well ripe for developing this variety of rice. Adding to the dirt is the home-developed strategies for horticulture, for example, turn of the yields, upgrading soil fruitfulness and plant wellbeing by joining techniques.

Length of development

Normally developed for in any event a year, this superior quality white rice is somewhat sticky in the surface.

It is fragile in the surface, fine to feel, resounds a smell that is compelling and will upgrade any rice readiness made with it as the key fixing. It is medium-grain (medium tall with short fine grains rather than long-grain as in Basmati) rice that is delicate however sticky chewy in the meantime. This variation is magnificently adaptable. Be that as it may, it is perfect for cooking biryani, sweet Pongal, broiled rice, idli player and a lot increasingly bubbly dishes; Sona Masoori is known to convey extraordinary taste.

The rice ought to be absorbed the water for around 15 minutes. It is perfect and flawless when served sizzling, the fragrant kind of the rice sparks one's interest, building strive after the delectable dish that is en route.

Check your calories



360 kcal


7.20 gm


86.62 gm


0 gm

Total Fat

1.0 gm

Trans fat

0 gm

Saturated Fat

0.32 gm


0 mg

Dietary Fiber

1.0 gm


1.40 gm


10.0 gm


0.35 gm

Trans Fat content is not more than 0%

Saturated Fat content is not more than 0.35%

Striking a parity in the admission is fundamental for weight support and long haul wellbeing. Knowing the nutritive incentive in each serving of Sona Masoori rice can make it simpler for anyone to track and adjust the calorie consumption.

The sugar substance has the top-level input to the calories of the Sona Masoori rice. Starches are a basic supplement. It augments the greater part of the caloric admission giving vitality to the body. It likewise helps in the best possible working of our indispensable organs, for example, the heart, liver, mind, liver, kidneys. In any case, protein and basic amino acids are negligible. The tally is simply roughly 4 gms of protein in a 45 gms serving!!

As the fundamental amino acids and proteins are insufficient, you should enhance Sona Masoori rice with heaps of greens, nuts, strands and different goodness that will make it a total dinner. The low substance of fat and sodium enormously lessens the odds of getting any heart issues.

High in GI levels

Despite the fact that it is healthy for day by day utilization, it isn't suggested for diabetics. In the event that you are a diabetic, you have to counsel your primary care physician before expending Sona Masoori as this variation has a high GI level.

In any case, by and by, in the event that you get an opportunity to load up your plate with Sona Masoori rice… simply feel free to make the most of your dinner!!

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About the product

Sona Masoori is a very aromatic, high-fiber rice grown in the Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana areas.

This is what makes our Annam Sona Masoori rice special:
- a high quality grain with a delicate, slightly sticky surface
- short, fine grains instead of long grain rice such as basmati
- a particularly versatile variety that exudes a delicious fragrance

Typical dishes with Annam Sona Masoori rice:
Perfect for preparing biryani, grilled rice dishes, idli dishes and as a side for numerous other meals.

About Annam

Annam offers a wide range of different Indian and Sri Lankan foods. Starting with rice and lentils over whole spices and powdered spices to snacks and ready-to-eat foods, Annam offers the whole range of exotic foods of the best quality.​

All products are imported directly from the countries of origin and thus retain their authentic aroma.


100% Sona Masoori rice

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