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Heer Superior Basmati Rice
(extra long superior quality rice)

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About the product

Heer Superior Extra Long Basmati Rice is the first choice of the consumers due to the very extra long grain, aromatic fragrance and non-sticky nature after cooking.

It is the longest grain available once cooked and used in a variety of special dishes.

Basmati is a fragrant, nutty-tasting long-grain rice developed in the Himalayas and Pakistan.

"Bas" in the Hindi language signifies "smell" and "mati" signifies "brimming with," consequently the word Basmati — or "loaded with fragrance."

The way to making basmati rice that is light, delicate and fleecy is to wash it first, generally, the grains will be sticky and stick together.

It just pauses for a moment or two. Basically, place the rice in a bowl with water, and after that wash, it around to discharge any abundance starch.

The water will be overcast at first yet after a few washes, it will be clear.

Medical advantages

- Basmati rice is low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium and is sans gluten.

- It is wealthy in supplements and regular fiber.

Cooking Best Basmati Rice

This recipe makes light, delicate, and soft basmati rice without fail.

Servings for: 4 people

Cooking Time: 25 Minutes


1 cup Heer basmati rice

2 cups of water

1-1/2 tablespoons unsalted ghee / butter

1/2 teaspoon salt

Guidelines for cooking

Spot the rice in a medium bowl and add enough water to cover by 2 inches. Utilizing your hands, delicately wash the grains to discharge any abundance starch. Cautiously pour off the water, leaving the rice in the bowl. Rehash multiple times, or until the water runs practically clear. Utilizing a fine-work strainer, channel the rice.

In a medium pot, bring the water, margarine, salt, and rice to a bubble. Spread the pot with a tight-fitting top, at that point turn the warmth down to a stew and cook for 15-20 minutes, until the majority of the water is retained and the rice is delicate. On the off chance that the rice is still excessively firm, include a couple of more tablespoons of water and keep cooking for a couple of minutes more. Expel the container from the warmth and enable it to sit secured for 5 minutes. Lighten the rice with a fork and serve.


100% Basmati Rice

Nutrition Facts

• Energy 1526 kJ/ 360 kcal
• Fat 0.5g
• Of which Sugars 0g
• Carbohydrates 79g
• Of which Sugars 86g
• Saturated 0.1g
• Protein 8.5g
• Salt 0 mg

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