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Its late spring – the ideal time to make the most of our preferred heavenly and succulent litchis. Organically this intriguing natural product has a place with the group of Sapindadaceae and is deductively known as Litchi chinensis. Lychee/Litchi is a tropical organic product local to low rise grounds of China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. It is a regular natural product found in bounty throughout the late spring seasons. It develops on a moderate developing medium-sized evergreen tree, in bunches and as a rule, has a round or oval shape. This organic product has a nearby similarity to longan and other rambutan natural products. The external surface is secured with a red-hued harsh finished effectively removable skin. Inside it comprises of translucent white sweet and delicious organic product. The mash has a solitary reflexive dark-colored nut-like seed.

Litchi Fruit Health Benefits:

Lychee which signifies "present for faithful life" without a doubt satisfies its name. The litchi advantages have been attempted and demonstrated in nations, for example, China and India and have likewise been all around reported in antiquated Chinese books. They contain numerous supplements and nutrients that help to battle against different maladies just as being a treatment for skincare, tyke development and fortifying the body.

Malignant growth:

Litchi has hostile to malignant growth properties. This organic product has flavonoids in the mash which battles deadly and deadly infections like a malignant growth. It contains Flavones, quercetin, and kaempferol which are amazing mixes in diminishing the expansion of malignant growth cells. Litchi natural product gives a great enemy of bosom disease properties.

Coronary illness:

Litchi standardizes the circulatory strain and pulse along these lines securing against strokes and coronary heart infections. 1 glass of litchi squeeze day by day standardizes the heartbeat. Litchi contains the second most noteworthy level of polyphenols which advances heart wellbeing. The counter oxidant present in litchis improves invulnerability, hinders the headway of waterfalls and obstructs every single cardiovascular infection.

Helps absorption:

Litchi keeps the absorption solid, keeps up a perfect stomach, improves craving and fixes acid reflux and consuming sensation in the stomach. It additionally upgrades the vitality levels in the body and adds to the prosperity of the family. The seed of litchi contains astringent properties which are used for intestinal tract issues and liberates the assortment of intestinal worms. Litchis contain soluble fiber which controls entrail issues and keeps the stomach free from poisonous mixes and cleanse the colon.

Keeps up solid bones:

Litchi is an affluent wellspring of phosphorus and magnesium which supports incredible bones and follow minerals like copper and manganese which reinforces fragile bones. Alongside zinc, copper it supports the viability of Vitamin D which builds the absorption of calcium which keeps up the soundness of the bones.

Nutrient C:

Litchi is an astounding wellspring of Vitamin C, a nutrient that the body does not deliver normally. Utilization of nourishments wealthy in Vitamin C encourages the body to create obstruction against irresistible operators and search hurtful expert fiery free radicals. It benefits those experiencing cold, fever and sore throats. Litchi additionally helps in absorption to get the most extreme nourishment for the body. Nutrient C is useful for our skin, bones, and tissues and hence is a significant nutrient for our body.


Oligonol is a low sub-atomic weight polyphenol found liberally in litchi organic product. Oligonol has a few enemies of oxidant and against flu infection activities. It additionally improves blood dissemination, diminishes weight and shields the skin from hurtful UVA beams. Oligonol diminishes profound fat, raises sideline blood dissemination, diminishes post-practice weariness, raises stamina just as lessens facial lines and darker spots.

Nutrient B:

Litchi is additionally a decent wellspring of B complex nutrients, for example, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and folates. These Vitamins help the body to use starches, protein, and fats. It has an abnormal state of Beta carotene which fortifies the resistant framework and improves the capacity of the liver and different organs.

Weight reduction:

Litchi is very low in calories, contains no immersed fats or cholesterol and is wealthy in dietary fiber which is noteworthy for individuals who need to shed pounds.

Improves skin conditions:

Litchis help to sustain the skin oils which lessen the development of skin break out. It likewise refines the skin and prompts less spot on the skin.

Lychee: Skin Benefits

Lychee is an astounding wellspring of Vitamin C and different supplements that are valuable for your skin. A portion of the advantages of lychee in skincare is as per the following.

Hostile to maturing Benefits:

Your skin begins maturing as you advance in age. Be that as it may, in the present situation, contamination, UV radiation, and smoke are likewise in charge of untimely maturing which happens quicker than the characteristic procedure. Free radicals are in charge of causing skin maturing. As expressed before, lychee is a rich wellspring of Vitamin C which is an incredible cancer prevention agent that battles free radicals. It likewise contains oligonol which battles maturing and diminishes dull spots. In this way, utilization of lychee or utilizing it in face packs are viable in disappearing indications of maturing like barely recognizable differences and dull spots.

Insurance from Free Radicals:

Lychee has a high substance of the cancer prevention agent Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex, and phytonutrient flavonoids. These cancer prevention agents shield the body from oxidative pressure brought about by contamination and UV radiation. Free radicals are made from oxygen atoms and they adjust the capacity of our cells to shape disease cells. Cancer prevention agents kill these free radicals, subsequently shielding your skin cells from harm. Along these lines, lychee can secure against skin disease and aggravation.

Skin-Friendly Nutrients:

Lychees are an extraordinary wellspring of skin-accommodating supplements like thiamin, niacin, and copper. Thiamin helps the body in processing fats and protein for solid skin. Niacin supports the hydration levels in the skin while copper, in little amounts, accelerates the recuperating of harmed skin. Every one of these advantages makes lychee a supernatural product for your skin.

Lychee: Hair Benefits

We all ache for a solid scalp with long and glistening hair. A decent eating routine is imperative for a sound mane as it gives oxygen and supplements to sustain the hair follicles. Lychee, being a decent wellspring of Vitamin C, niacin and thiamin, can be gainful for your hair's wellbeing in the accompanying ways.

Support for Healthy Hair:

As referenced before, lychees are a decent wellspring of Vitamin C which assumes a functioning job in keeping up the trustworthiness of smaller scale dissemination, therefore guaranteeing the satisfactory supply of blood to your hair follicles.

How to Select and Store?

Determination: Fresh lychees are accessible from June to October. The natural product ages completely on the tree itself and does not age further subsequent to being gathered. Over-developed natural products turn dull dark-colored in appearance and lose their brilliance and flavor. While purchasing lychees, pick the organic products that are brilliant in shading, light red to dark red without imperfections. Their skin ought to be extreme and rugged however ought to be malleable and not dull, dry or dim. The inward substance ought to be new and without cuts and shape. In the event that the organic product tastes harsh or sharp, it shows that it has not matured completely. Since lychees don't age further once picked, stay away from the natural products that are split, spilling or those that smell aged.

Capacity: Lychees have a decent timeframe of realistic usability and can be kept at room temperature for as long as 5 days and refrigerated for as long as 5 weeks. To forestall shading change from red to darker and to keep away from dampness misfortune, lychees ought to be enclosed by a paper towel and kept in a punctured plastic pack. Since lychees produce almost no ethylene, they ought to be kept at high mugginess levels and a temperature of 34-40 OF. They ought not to be stripped with the exception of just before serving. Lychees start to age as they age, so they ought to be utilized rapidly. Lychees are commonly solidified or dried and canned for fare purposes.

Tips for Usage (Cooking/Eating)

These minor succulent organic products can be eaten alone. Prior to continuing to eat lychees or utilizing them in plans, they ought to be washed appropriately. Cut the harsh shell by cutting a little region of the shell with your fingernail. You can utilize your teeth to chomp a minor part close to the stem or utilize a blade to cut the shell. Crush the outside of the penetrated shell to pop the inward tissue into your mouth. The seed is unappetizing, so it ought to be perplexed. Given beneath are a couple of tips to appreciate these delectable natural products in different ways.

Stripped and cleaved lychee cuts can be added to natural product plates of mixed greens. They can likewise be served on a cheddar platter.

Lychees can be added to frozen yogurts, custards or mixed drinks. They can be presented with cream or yogurt as treats.

Dried lychees are known as lychee nuts and they have an aftertaste like raisins. They can be savored as bites or added to sweets.

In the wake of evacuating the seeds, lychees can be loaded down with cream cheddar and orange skin to make reviving finger nourishment.

Lychee frosted tea, martinis and lemonades are incredible refreshments.

Lychee tissue can be mixed with water to get a smooth puree. Strain the fluid and dispose of the mash. Empty it into a container, include lime juice and red syrup, and blend well. Move this blend to glasses loaded up with ice 3D squares. This beverage can be topped with club soft drink and decorated with a mint sprig before serving.

The dietary benefit of Litchi organic product:

The stunning medical advantages of litchi natural product are a result of its rich healthy benefit. Lychee is wealthy in Vitamin C and contains around 72 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams. It is likewise wealthy in copper, phosphorus, and is low in sodium. It gives numerous B complex Vitamins and is a decent wellspring of Fiber as well. The polyphenol Oligonol has cell reinforcement and hostile to viral properties. Litchi is hot by the constitution so don't expend an abundance of it. It may prompt skin rashes or pimples.


These are general benefits JAMOONA do not guaranty or prescribe the product for any specific medication. 


water, Lychee puree (14%), sugar, malic acid, stabilizer( Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), color (Anthocyanins), flavoring 

Nutrition Facts

Energy: 223 kj /53 kcal, 

Fat: 0 g, 

carbohydrate: 13g, 

protein : <0.5g, 

Saturated: 0 g, of which sugars: 13g, 

Salt: <0.01 g

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