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About us

Jamoona’s mission is to curate an extensive range of exotic food products from countries around the world for our customers.

From exotic spices to an assortment of lentils, flour, noodles and your favorite rice varieties: thousands of products are just a few clicks away from delivery right to your door. We rely only on well-known and high quality centric brands such as TRS, Annam, Aashirvaad, Daawat, Heer, Schani, Tilda, and many many more, and since we source our selection directly from manufacturers and do not use middlemen, we can guarantee very low prices for our customers. And we ensure that we pass our savings to you.

Take your time, scroll through our virtual food shelves, and let the flavors and tastes of our products convince you. Finally, we attach great importance to providing exceptional customer service and would like to surprise you in the future with new recipe ideas and special offers so you can rely on Jamoona to take you on a journey to bring joy to your senses.